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Evinent Search uses powerful analytics to help shoppers find products faster.

Intelligent search engine features that help you sell more

products_sm_1.webp Search results preview
Want to show users relevant search results as quickly as possible?
Our search results preview feature allows users to do a quick filter by brands or categories right in the autocomplete list.
products_sm_7.webp Accurate results
How can you provide your eCommerce customers with accurate search results?
Our individualized approach to every client allows us to precisely adjust the search engine algorithm to your needs. We analyze your business requirements during integration and suggest the best solution.
products_sm_6.webp Faceted search
How can you help customers filter search results in an online shop?
Facet filters for eCommerce will help your customers distinguish between products based on price, size, color, rating, material, etc.
products_sm_4.webp Autocomplete
How can you help eCommerce customers select the correct product from autocomplete suggestions?
Our Evinent Search engine builds the list of autocomplete suggestions based on the popularity of search queries. This approach helps to exclude irrelevant suggestions for the best customer experience.
products_sm_2.webp Statistic dashboard
Does analyzing and understanding statistics data take too much time?
We value our clients' time and provide clear, simple stats so that you’re able to focus on the metrics that matter.
products_sm_3.webp Advanced search analytics
Want to know what customers are looking for in your online store?
Evinent Search helps your marketing team analyze customers' demands. Discovering which products are searched for the most will enable you to adjust your range of goods and services accordingly.
products_sm_5.webp Search relevance
Worried that users will search for a particular product and receive completely different results?
The Evinent Search engine allows you to prioritize specific categories of products to give customers a quality search experience.
products_sm_8.webp Custom product ranking
Want to give your customers the ability to sort search results by product popularity?
Our algorithm will calculate the popularity of every product in your online store and sort them correspondingly.
products_sm_9.webp Spelling corrections
People often type search queries with typos, but that doesn’t mean they have to receive irrelevant search results.
Our search algorithm recognizes typos in a search phrase, analyzes the user's intent, and provides search results with the most relevant products.
products_sm_10.webp Morphology
Want to avoid the "No results found” page?
The Evinent Search engine analyzes the structure of words in a search query and recognizes what users are really looking for.
products_sm_11.webp Support of multiple languages
Do you have an online store that operates in different countries with a variety of languages?
You don't need to implement a separate search for each language. Evinent Search supports multiple languages out of the box.
products_sm_12.webp Synonym management system
Want to help users who use slang find what they want?
Evinent Search’s admin panel allows you to add synonyms for products and categories. Our user- friendly interface makes it easy to work with bulk editing of synonyms.
products_sm_13.webp Search history
Do your customers search for products from multiple categories instead of a particular item?
Evinent Search’s history feature doesn’t allow users to forget about their recent searches, increasing the chances of selling products based on customers’ past interests.
products_sm_14.webp Lifetime support
Don’t have time to bother with synonyms or promo pages in search results?
Our support team will help you integrate Evinent Search into your online store, add synonyms for products and categories, set up customized autocomplete, and more.
products_sm_15.webp Customized autocomplete suggestions
How can you promote particular products in your online store?
Evinent Search gives the option to configure customized autocomplete suggestions for particular queries. This will allow you to consider the products you want to promote.
products_sm_16.webp Voice search
Want to offer your customers the chance to search without typing a word?
Voice search helps users find relevant results without the use of a keyboard. It's convenient for people who use their mobile devices for online shopping.
products_sm_17.webp Custom-designed search plugin
How can you build a search engine with a unique design for your eCommerce website?
Our designers will help you customize a search plugin design for your online store. This includes an autocomplete UI and a search results page that are both efficient and convenient for your customers.
products_sm_18.webp Integration with any eCommerce platform
How do you integrate a search engine into your eCommerce platform?
Evinent Search is compatible with any eCommerce platform or custom-made online store via our API. Our development team will help you integrate smart search into your website quickly and seamlessly.
products_sm_19.webp Coding guidance
Want to have a native search or embedded search layout on your website?
Ready-to-use documentation and the assistance of our development team will help you integrate Evinent Search as your native search engine.
products_sm_20.webp "Wrong” keyboard layout
Worried that people who use more than one language may type search queries with the "wrong” keyboard layout?
Our product recognizes unusual symbols in a search query and automatically converts them to valid search phrases. Thus, users don’t even need to rewrite their search query to receive results right away.
products_sm_21.webp Dedicated customer success manager
Don’t have time to puzzle out statistics and metrics?
Our designated customer success manager will help you with reports and analyses to prepare the necessary data in a clear, accessible format.
products_sm_22.webp Custom-scheduled crawler
Do the prices and rests on your online shop change every 30 minutes?
The integration team will customize the frequency indexing of products on your website according to your business needs. You won’t need to worry about outdated prices or rests.
products_sm_23.webp Product recommendations
How can you suggest products based on a user’s individual preferences?
Our self-learning algorithm helps users find exactly what they need based on their tastes and recommends the products they’re most likely to buy.
products_sm_24.webp Secure environment
Want to be sure your data is protected?
We use multi-factor authentication in our Evinent Search admin panel to protect our clients’ data.
products_sm_25.webp Dedicated infrastructure
Want to have a dedicated infrastructure for your search?
With Evinent Search, there is an option to have a dedicated distributed infrastructure in different world regions.
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