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Increase your e-commerce sales by up to 30% with
our smart search engine

  • Works for every industry and up to 100 million users’ worth of traffic
  • Fixed pricing that doesn't depend on the number of search queries
  • Dedicated manager to help customize your search
Evinent Search

Help potential buyers find what they need from their very first search

  • Unique customized smart algorithm for your e-commerce store
  • Ability to search products by color
  • Synonyms for products and categories
  • Voice search
  • Functionality in different languages
  • Ability to customize results for particular search queries

Increase your conversion rate and sales by showing best-selling products and promotions first

  • Show a customized list of your most popular or profitable products
  • Customize redirects to branded pages based on search queries
  • Prioritize categories with the highest margin

Improve search results by analyzing how people search

  • Analyze the most popular search results
  • Discover customer demand for particular products through analytics
  • Understand customer behavior with full-range keyword search analytics for your online store
  • Analyze search queries without results to avoid “no results" pages

You'll see increased sales and improved customer purchasing behavior right after the first month of use

  • Integration of Evinent Search into your e-commerce store in just a few hours
  • Easy to plug the search engine into your existing infrastructure
  • Integration possible with any e-commerce platform (Shopify, BigCommerce, Magento, OpenCart, PrestaShop, Weebly, WooCommerce, Shift4Shop, Wix, and others)
  • Full support during and after implementation

How does it work?

Customer Testimonials

Evinent Search

We had a standard search engine on our site before we started using Evinent Search. The smart search integration was really fast; it took only a few hours. Immediately, we became aware of all its benefits for increasing sales and improving customer experience and loyalty. The Evinent Search team also developed customized solutions for the specific structure of our site. In the first month of using the product, search queries doubled and are still continuing to grow. Thanks to the high-quality algorithm that displays products on every query, customized ranking of products and categories, as well as customized auto suggestions, we increased our sales by 40 percent. This is truly amazing! :)

Evinent Search

We used to have a smart-search solution from another vendor, but we decided to switch to Evinent Search for many reasons. The advantages of the system are a fixed monthly fee regardless of the season and the number of search queries, and a very convenient admin panel where you can track the statistics of search queries and quickly manage synonyms. You can also choose the priority of categories and products.

Also, I would like to note the prompt feedback on the integration and various technical settings of the product. For us, this has been very valuable!

Evinent Search

The search tool we previously used did not satisfy us or our clients with its effectiveness. We turned to Evinent for consulting and soon implemented their smart search product, which immediately solved all the problems. Site visitors who used the search bar found what they needed with ease, and purchase conversions increased by 60%. The use of Evinent Search allowed us to increase search results up to 90% and the optimization of synonyms up to 99%. Analyzing search queries that were not returned by the search allows us to steadily expand our range of products, which gives us additional stable revenue every month.

Evinent Search

We didn't want to burden our IT specialists with the task of developing smart search for our site, so we decided to find a ready-made SaaS solution on the market. Evinent Search turned out to be the perfect solution for us. The upload was done quickly, and the guys integrated the engine into the site in a week, although there was a lot of data.

After a month of cooperation, we noticed that the number of visitors who use search to quickly select a product on the site has increased significantly, and the conversion rate from this segment has almost doubled. Thanks to the convenient management module, we saw the statistics of the requested products that were not returned by the search. Thus, we can flexibly manage the product range in our online store and provide users with the most relevant inventory.

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per month

  • unlimited pages
  • unlimited queries
  • Core search features
  • Advanced search analytics
  • Synonyms management system
  • Custom product ranking
  • Dynamic filters
  • Custom query suggestions
  • Product recommendations
  • Voice search
  • Custom search design
  • Integration with any e-commerce platform
  • Secure environment - 2FA, HTTPS, API
  • Single servers’ tenancy
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Custom scheduled crawled
  • Coding guidance
  • Lifetime support

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