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Imagine that a potential customer visits your online store, does not easily find the right product, and goes to competitors instead. Since the product is not found, even if it’s available for purchase, your store loses a "hot" customer who is prepared to buy.

A bad search engine is a conversion eater; it takes up to 50% of buyers from your site.

According to statistics, visitors who use the search function on a site are more likely to make purchases. These are exactly the customers that businesses like yours are fighting for.

Search is not only relevant for navigation purposes in online stores. Today, contact with any content on any site can constitute a search.

The flow of information is becoming more powerful every day, and people are less and less willing to spend their valuable time waiting for results.

Once customers visit a site, they will spend approximately two seconds to find the necessary information. If they don’t find it, they leave. It’s really that simple.

EVINENT SEARCH gives you the flexibility to customize your search results for prospective customers. Using our search engine, your customers are more likely to make purchases and increase their spending habits

Evinent Search

Evinent intelligent search

  • PRACTICE intelligent search algorithms
  • UNDERSTAND client behavior with full range search investigation
  • DELIVER relevant results to your most significant clients and give them precisely what they are searching for
  • ALTER search settings to improve results
  • REDUCE the quantity of void outcomes
  • INCREASE PRODUCT VALUE by displaying products that match requests in the first positions, taking into account sales, views, etc. for specific products
  • CONNECT our smart search engine to your existing infrastructure
  • INSTALL easily using anyone from your team

Improving sales conversions

  • Deliver the best results to your most important clients and give them precisely what they are searching for to improve your sales conversions
  • Help your clients see products that fit the query in the primary positions

Search engine analytics

  • Find out popular search results
  • Understand client behavior with full range keyword search analytics for your online store
  • Avoid no "results" searches
  • Increase the impact of site search on your revenue
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How does it work?

Customer Testimonials

Alex Rumyantsev Head of e-Commerce at Sulpak

The search tool we previously used did not satisfy us or our clients with its effectiveness. We turned to Evinent for consulting and soon implemented their smart search product, which immediately solved all the problems. Site visitors who used the search bar found what they needed with ease, and purchase conversions increased by 60%. The use of Evinent Search allowed us to increase search results up to 90% and the optimization of synonyms up to 99%. Analyzing search queries that were not returned by the search allows us to steadily expand our range of products, which gives us additional stable revenue every month.


Free trial

Experience some of our features with a free trial!

  • CORRECTION of errors and mistakes
  • AUTOCOMPLETE included
  • COLLECT query history
  • INCLUDES multilingual support

Take advantage of a free trial to experience some of our features!




per month

  • 5 000 pages
  • 10 000 queries
  • Core search features
  • Multilingual support
  • Search analytics
  • Search API
  • Synonyms
  • Secure environment - 2FA, HTTPS, API



per month

  • 50 000 pages
  • 100 000 queries
  • Crawled twice daily
  • Cross-domain search
  • Email support
  • Advanced crawler settings
  • Integration with Shopify and Magento




per month

  • unlimited pages
  • unlimited queries
  • Dynamic filters
  • Query suggestions
  • Advanced Analytics®
  • Personalization®
  • Rules (merchandizing & intent detection)
  • Single tenancy
  • Enterprise-level service level agreement (SLA)
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Coding guidance

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