Search results preview

Check what clients see on the search results preview page when a watchword or expression is typed. See and control items, classes, and other information types are shown per your queries.

Statistic dashboard

Get a fast statistic dashboard of all queries and no-results requests, listed information, and other data basic for a top to bottom site search. Indexed lists are adjusted to fit various screens, for example, PC screens, tablets, and cell phones.

Search analytics

Your team can have practically all necessary tools for seamless search analytics

  • Audit all query words
  • View search tables and diagrams
  • Avoid zero outcomes from queries
  • Complete perceivability of client search conduct, including all query terms and expressions
  • Add equivalent words to divert clients to the most pertinent items when they use specific brand words


Recommended autocomplete results permitting your customers to get to the correct item or product before completing their typing. Show related items, classifications, pages, or other information types as clients type their questions.

Search relevance

Alter search settings to advance substance and achieve relevant results helping you meet your particular objectives.

Custom search filters

Adjust dynamic custom search filters by classes, labels, brands, cost, and different boundaries assisting your clients with refining indexed lists by date, value, creator, area, or substance type.

Accurate results

Set up refine indexed lists, driving clients to the items to help your clients get relevant results. Choices can be limited by date, value, content.

Product ranking algorithm

Control what shows up first on list items for any inquiry. Fine-tune results by the help of inbuilt products ranking algorithm convey the most important outcomes by default for each search.

Spelling corrections

  • Missing letters and incorrectly spelled words corrected with spelling corrections features
  • Programmed adjustment of mistakes including grammatical ones when entering request
  • 1 or 2 grammatical errors in single word
  • Adjustment of letters
  • Additional letter, repeated letter
  • Common root match. For great, greater, and greatest results
    finest = fine
  • Phrase matching. Consider exact phrase matches or close variations
    "support online" = "online support"
  • Derivatives. Particular or plural pursuit
    windows = window
  • Space coordinating. With or without a space between words
    webcamera = web camera

Search support for websites with multilingualism versions. It can be adjusted to your specific needs.

Setting up synonyms

Clients from everywhere throughout the world can visit your site, so you have to consider how language influences search outcomes.

Various phrases and spellings may have a comparative importance ("cell phone" versus "mobile phone").

Setting up synonyms can help catch all conceivable phrasing put together by clients. This component expands the pertinence of query items.

Since the Evinent Search utilizes a propelled search calculation, you don't have to make equivalents for the plural variants of queries like "orange" and "oranges".

Keyboard layout

Keyboard layouts consequently amended when entering a request. An inappropriate format is resolved for each word separately.
Latin – Cyrillic connection. Transliteration comprises of composing the sound of words in a single language in the letters of another.

Search history

The last search queries for which results found are displayed in an empty search line.
It is convenient for quick viewing of the latest results, if the user switched to another page from the results or re-visited site.

Evinent Search application areas

Evinent Search can be successfully used in next application areas like:

  • Internet business
  • Information and search databases
  • Customer support providers
  • Advanced education (like databases, online libraries)
  • Built-in analytics

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