Being an online shop owner or marketing analyst, you are undoubtedly care about the best possible commerce performance of your website.

Evinent Search Analytics can become your reliable helper to reveal how much your company earns from your site performance and more important – what is stay behind from your vision, lost customers, lost money.

Evinent Search Analytics helps to analyze not-found queries which considerably strenghen forecast for your revenue and make a list of the most popular products.

Some most evident reasons to apply analytics into your search engine:

  • CONTROL product demand and fill up an assortment with the speed run products;
  • FOLLOW new coming trends to be flexible and proactive on the changing markets. That would help stay at leading position comparing to your competitors;
  • PREDICT probable revenue when planning new products to your assortment.

Evinent Search Analytics gives an opportunity to watch after what items mostly searched and was not found, and also will help to know frequency of such queries. Except queries without outcomes, our functionality allows to watch the operations of search including categories, autocomplete, corrected queries and other data.

Some examples of Evinent Search Analytics functionality

All search operations: shows how frequently users entered a query and amount of visits

Example: search - 125000 times; visits on click - 37500 times or 30%;

Found/ not found shows percentage for found and not found queries

For instance: Found - 80,8%; Not found – 19,2%;

Corrections is a percent correlation between correctly typed and corrected queries.

Example: No errors - 83,5%; Misprints - 9%; Wrong lay-out of keyboard - 7,5%;

Clicks on prompts - how many times and on what prompts pressed

Products visits reveals how much users passed to particular products

Category visits is an amount of passing to the particular product category

Correction of errors - which errors and how many times were admitted to the queries.


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